Kiss the rain !

Today ! Idk why I am so stressssssssssssssssssssssssss ! feel like want scream !
Urggh ,, the problem is :
1) Memory card buad hal ! habis segala bende yg aku simpan selama ni corrupt !
dah laa Header , gmb mmbe2 ak sume ilang ! siaaal !
skly ng dokumen 3DH ! oHGod , Why this happen to me ? 
2)HOMEWORKKKKKKKK TKSIAP ! bape ary je nk skolaa!
3)Erggggggggghhhhhh ! bengang gilaa ng mmbe !!

OhGod , If u give me a chance to jump from a builing !  i'll do :'( !
OhGod , YESS Im so Grateful c'z u give me many type of friends ! but i want a good friend that can understand me , Hear my problem , can change me into a nice person n alwes with me no matter happen :(

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