Do you love you ex?: erm maybe laa.
What did you last cry over?: saw a ghost, omg!
What's the last mistake you made?: b'bincang tyme pecutan;p
Who was the last person you said I love you to?:mummy , ily!
Who last slept in your bed?: no no no .
Where do you want to be?: KOREA! im coming, wait for me lah.
Who do you want to be with?: tah laa.
Do you honestly love your friends?: yea ofcoz!
Who can always make you happy?: family yg caring. friends yg awesome ..
Who do you love to talk to the most?: geng aku , WGNC
Who hates you?: idk maybe 'they'
Who do you hate?: Toyol's geng , haha
What are you doing right now?: fb-ing , yeah =D
What are you talents?: idk =,=
How often do you cry?: infinity , haha!
What did you do last night?: buat nota sains , aiyooo
Would you ever go back out with an ex?: erm not sure , depends.
Have you ever used a condom?: no , i mean for what lah ?
Are you a virgin?: ofcoz lah 
Is your boyfriend/Girlfriend a virgin?: single-
What's the last movie you watched?: lupe dah
Ever been in true love?: yea i guess.
Ever smoked?: never
Done drugs?: never ever!
Gotten high?: aa high bout wht ??
How tall are you?: tah la , lupe
Laughed at somone?: always , haha ~ 
Looked at someone funny?: always , hee ;p
Had a "dirty" dream?: dirty ? aa takde kot! 
Favorite animal?: cat :) love to see but hate to touch
Least favorite animal?: katak n pacat . eewuuu .
Most missed Memory?: zaman kanak kanak , best gilaaa!

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